Leaving Darwin

Akira came to visit me again. We went to see the JUMPING CROCS!!!! There were two 5.5m crocodiles called THE DOMINATOR and BRUTUS!!!! We saw lots of other crocodiles as well. The next day we went camping at Litchfield National Park. We camped next to a really nice pool and me and Akira went yabbying. Now we are sailing to Broome. It will take 5 weeks. On the way to Broome we will be passing the Kimberley. map DarwinIMG_2882IMG_4243IMG_4254IMG_4257IMG_4290IMG_4310IMG_4327IMG_4332IMG_4340

Hiking Trip

We went hiking in Kakadu for 8 days. It was really hot. On the second day we found a didgeridoo. On the second day we walked for 8km to a really nice gorge and found a cave with some amazing rock art in it. The next day we went to Buffalo pool. It was really cold. The day after we went to Picaninny pools. They were really deep and very cold. We jumped of the cliffs. The next day we walked to near Baramundi falls. There were a lot of very nice pools on the way there. There was also some very tall grass (taller then me). On our second last day we found some SUPER AMAZING rock art. We also camped at a really nice sandy ‘beach’. It was really fun but very tiring. Now I have become really good at using a map and compass.IMG_3705IMG_3747IMG_3758IMG_3805IMG_3920IMG_3970IMG_3979IMG_4017IMG_4023IMG_4104IMG_4116IMG_4146IMG_4151IMG_4158IMG_4171IMG_4182IMG_4200IMG_4238OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA