Going home

We went to the Pilbara. The Pilbara is like a desert with no sand just red stones and spinifex (very spiky grass). I really liked the Pilbara but at the end of the trip my face was orange from the red dirt. We went to the Tom Price iron ore mine. It was SUPER big and had lots of SUPER big machines. The big yellow truck in the picture was small compared to some of the other trucks. The mine train was 2.5km long!!!!! We went to some gorges. they were super cool and super COOL (As in freezing) because we had to swim through some of them. We are heading home now. The trip has been really great and I recommend it to everyone.



Whale Sharks

We went to see the whale sharks in Exmouth. They were super cool and really big. We swam with them five times. Some of them had fish following them and some had jellyfish following them. We also saw a sea snake. It was really cool. We saw some hump back whales. One of them was covered in white patches. We also saw a logger head turtle. It was really big. Now we are going to Karijini.20170719_Mahi (9)20170719_Mahi (11)20170719_Mahi (21)20170719_Mahi (22)20170719_Mahi (24)20170719_Mahi (25)20170719_Mahi (26)20170719_Mahi (33)20170719_Mahi (39)20170719_Mahi (40)20170719_Mahi (102)20170719_Mahi (112)20170719_Mahi (156)20170719_Mahi (157)20170719_Mahi (176)20170719_Mahi (177)


We got to the Kimberley five weeks ago. Getting from Darwin to was really rocky, choppy and generally horrible. At King George River we went on a two day hike. We saw lots of Bradshaw art (art from before the last ice-age). To get to the start of the walk we had to climb a 15m waterfall. When we got back to the dinghy we found big teeth marks from a 4.5m croc!!!! At Hunter River we got STRANDED when the tide went out!!!!!!! We had no tent so we slept on the sand by a huge fire. The only food we had was VITA-WHEATS and VEGEMITE. I thought we were going to die of VITA-WHEAT poisoning!!!!!! We went to Horizontal Falls. We went through them on a really fast boat. It was really scary. We saw lots of Wandjina spirit art. They were super cool. Yesterday we caught a massive Spanish Macerel. It was 1.2m long!!!!! Today sailed past some whales. Now we are sailing into Broome. It will be the last sailing for the trip.