We got to the Kimberley five weeks ago. Getting from Darwin to was really rocky, choppy and generally horrible. At King George River we went on a two day hike. We saw lots of Bradshaw art (art from before the last ice-age). To get to the start of the walk we had to climb a 15m waterfall. When we got back to the dinghy we found big teeth marks from a 4.5m croc!!!! At Hunter River we got STRANDED when the tide went out!!!!!!! We had no tent so we slept on the sand by a huge fire. The only food we had was VITA-WHEATS and VEGEMITE. I thought we were going to die of VITA-WHEAT poisoning!!!!!! We went to Horizontal Falls. We went through them on a really fast boat. It was really scary. We saw lots of Wandjina spirit art. They were super cool. Yesterday we caught a massive Spanish Macerel. It was 1.2m long!!!!! Today sailed past some whales. Now we are sailing into Broome. It will be the last sailing for the trip.


4 thoughts on “Kimberley”

  1. What an amazing adventure Seb!!
    So cool and thanks for your great updates. Bit scary with all the crocs and sharks about!


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