Whale Sharks

We went to see the whale sharks in Exmouth. They were super cool and really big. We swam with them five times. Some of them had fish following them and some had jellyfish following them. We also saw a sea snake. It was really cool. We saw some hump back whales. One of them was covered in white patches. We also saw a logger head turtle. It was really big. Now we are going to Karijini.20170719_Mahi (9)20170719_Mahi (11)20170719_Mahi (21)20170719_Mahi (22)20170719_Mahi (24)20170719_Mahi (25)20170719_Mahi (26)20170719_Mahi (33)20170719_Mahi (39)20170719_Mahi (40)20170719_Mahi (102)20170719_Mahi (112)20170719_Mahi (156)20170719_Mahi (157)20170719_Mahi (176)20170719_Mahi (177)

One thought on “Whale Sharks”

  1. The sea creatures look awesome….except the sea snake which looks a bit too close.
    Thanks for letting us see your blog. Great trip


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