Waterparks and Whales

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new crew member onboard called Tomas. We collected him in the gold coast (not a wilderness experience!!!), we did some amazing stuff at the Gold Coast but I’ll talk about that a bit later. Here are some fun facts about Tomas.

Intertests: astrology & numerology

Favourite ice-cream flavour: pineapple or cherry

Best adventure: riding a motorcycle around Australia

Scariest moment: having a volcano erupt in Costa Rica and almost get hit by flying volcanic rocks!

Best thing to happen to him: His daughter Grace

We’re picking up another crew member Rod in Yamba tomorrow and I will interview him later.

Now onto what I’ve been doing. We stopped in the Gold Coast for a day and I went to Wet’n’Wild (a water park)!!! It was super fun, we went on every ride that was open. Some of the rides were soooooo scary! My favourite ride was the Tornado.

After that we had to sail 100 nautical miles down the coast to get to Yamba. On the way down we saw lots of whales and dolphins. At one point we had 13 dolphins at the front of the boat!


I got my boating license so I can drive our dinghy by myself.



Tomorrow we’re heading off on our big 3 day sail over to Lord Howe Island. I’m feeling very nervous, we’re going to be out in the big ocean! I’ll post again in 3-4 days when we actually get there.

And once again, if you want to donate to my turtle rehabilitation campaign just click on my GoFundMe link. I’m up to $445! Thanks to everybody who has donated so far.



Heading Off

We have left Brisbane and spent the night over at Moreton Island. I will give you a quick tour of the boat before I tell (and show) you the mind blowing creatures we have seen so far.

This is the cockpit where we steer the boat, put the sails up and down and spend most of our day.


Next is a place that has a stove, sink, bench and cupboards. If you can guess what it is you’re a genius!!!


It even has an oven where my dad makes bread!

This is my bed/room where I read, sleep and play with my pet fridge.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now we’re up to the chart table. This is one of the most important places on the boat! Without it we would probably get lost at sea with no chance of getting back to shore.


Now that is over lets talk about some extremely fun stuff I did this morning. We walked up these sand dunes on Moreton Island and then ran/hopped/rolled/flipped/fell down them. We saw some (a lot) of stingrays and some very whacky creatures.


This next photo is a nudibranch! It was three centimetres long and super cool.


Thanks everyone who donated to my GoFundMe Turtle Rehabilitation campaign. I’ve raised $300 already!!!

Here is the link for anyone who still wants to donate.


Sailing To Save The Turtles

The boat is back in action!!! This Saturday we are going to try to sail from Brisbane to Lord Howe Island! It will take three days with no stops to get there and we are going to be away for 3 weeks.. This trip I’m going try to raise money for the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CTRC).

Did you know  that the Great Barrier Reef is home to 6 of the 7 species of marine turtles. Fifty million turtles around the world die each year. Ghost nets and plastic are the main problem with over 100,000 dying from these each year. The CTRC rescues injured turtles from the ocean and nurses them back to health. It is a voluntary, non-profit organisation and I visited their centre on Fitzroy Island when we were on our big sailing trip last year.  I’m going to try to raise $1000 on this sailing trip to Lord Howe Island and would love for anyone who is interested in my blog to donate to my GoFundMe campaign. I’m going to keep you posted about our adventures over the next 3 weeks.

Sailing To Save The Turtles

This is the link to the GoFundMe page, click on the Sailing to Save the Turtles sentence.

Do it for the turtles!!!!

Talk to you soon when we get to Brisbane and we’re on our way