Waterparks and Whales

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new crew member onboard called Tomas. We collected him in the gold coast (not a wilderness experience!!!), we did some amazing stuff at the Gold Coast but I’ll talk about that a bit later. Here are some fun facts about Tomas.

Intertests: astrology & numerology

Favourite ice-cream flavour: pineapple or cherry

Best adventure: riding a motorcycle around Australia

Scariest moment: having a volcano erupt in Costa Rica and almost get hit by flying volcanic rocks!

Best thing to happen to him: His daughter Grace

We’re picking up another crew member Rod in Yamba tomorrow and I will interview him later.

Now onto what I’ve been doing. We stopped in the Gold Coast for a day and I went to Wet’n’Wild (a water park)!!! It was super fun, we went on every ride that was open. Some of the rides were soooooo scary! My favourite ride was the Tornado.

After that we had to sail 100 nautical miles down the coast to get to Yamba. On the way down we saw lots of whales and dolphins. At one point we had 13 dolphins at the front of the boat!


I got my boating license so I can drive our dinghy by myself.



Tomorrow we’re heading off on our big 3 day sail over to Lord Howe Island. I’m feeling very nervous, we’re going to be out in the big ocean! I’ll post again in 3-4 days when we actually get there.

And once again, if you want to donate to my turtle rehabilitation campaign just click on my GoFundMe link. I’m up to $445! Thanks to everybody who has donated so far.



One thought on “Waterparks and Whales”

  1. Great Blog Seb. Sounds like you’ve had a really fun and interesting time so far. I love the photos of the underwater creatures and the “sometimes above water” creatures too (whales, dolphins and dinghy sailing boys!!). Look forward to the next instalment once you’re across the big ocean.


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