More Fun Stuff

Even more AWESOME stuff is about to be posted on this blog. I’ll start off with the Mutton birds (shearwaters). So make sure you have your nose peg, your ear muffs and your umbrella because it’s about to start raining them from the sky! We watched them come in from the sea one night. There were hundreds and thousands of them!  When ever they tried (and I mean tried not succeeded) they would usually ram head first into the ground (if they are lucky), a tree or you and then scurry of into there burrows.


We watched the biosecurity dogs getting trained. It was super and I MEAN super cool. The dogs would follow the scent to find introduced animals like rats, frogs and lizards. Guess what, the dogs name was Sebbi!


This is Darcie, one of the rangers on Lord Howe who I (yes me) got to interview about my dream job because she has (lucky her) has that dream job.

What does your job involve? Half time ranger and half time on biosecurity where I train and work with the biosecurity dogs.

What’s the best thing about being a ranger on Lord Howe Island? Getting to look after all the different birds and animals on the island and getting to meet interesting people.

How do you get to be a ranger on Lord Howe Island? I studied biology and university. Did some bush regeneration and some environmental campaigning. And had some good luck!!!

What’s the most satisfying project you’ve done on the island? The rodent eradication program, the woodhen survey and working with volunteers environmental projects. Also, working with the biosecurity dogs.

What is your favourite place on Lord Howe Island? Snorkelling at Middle Beach

Favourite ice-cream flavour? Hokey pokey and chocolate!

She showed me some Phasmids (the Lord Howe stick insect). They thought they were extinct and then found a small population of them on Balls Pyramid (a “rock” out in the ocean). Try and find the baby one.


We saw some Tropic Birds doing acrobatics in the air!


We went snorkelling around a wreck. There were tonnes of fish of all sizes and we saw a moray eel and of course a turtle!


Now try to find the fish in the next photo.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now here’s two very grumpy creatures. The fish was guarding its territory with its life and zooming up at us whenever we got close and the sea urchin had iridescent spots on it and we were lucky to get it on a bad hair day!


More fish!


By the way this is what Lord Howe Island looks like.


That’s it for this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness, that was long.


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