Out At Sea Once Again

We tried to sail out to Lord Howe Island again. Two days out we had been against the winds and making no progress so we had to turn back, there was no way we were going to get there before a cold front was going to hit (with lots of wind). We were 100 nautical miles out from Australia!!! We saw five albatrosses  and one of them flew past only five to ten meters away from the boat!!! It looked straight at me (I think) and I got the feeling it would of been saying “what are you doing out here!!!”  It was amazing, I’d always wanted to see an albatross. This next photo is of me in the middle of the ocean with almost 5kms of water underneath me (and probably some giant squid).


This next photo is a map of the of the bottom of the ocean!!! All those lines on the left is showing the sea bed rising sharply up to the Continental Shelf. It rises from 4700m to 100m!!!The pink lines show where our boat went, the one you can see with the pointy end is of out first attempt and shows where we had to turn around with all the broken things.



The photo on top is of my dad and I sleeping  and underneath is of me sitting on the deck listening to audiobooks. That’s how I spend most days on the big ocean.


The trips over!!! We’re back in Yamba, Dad’s favourite mooring place on the east coast. There will be one more blog post which will include a quiz and information on what the donation money is going to be used at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. I’m up to $925 which is so amazing!!! Thanks everyone who has donated.


One thought on “Out At Sea Once Again”

  1. Hey Seb.
    Awesome work on meeting your fundraising goal for the turtles. It’s been a joy reading your posts.
    Thanks for sharing it all with us


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