The Quiz

Hey there,

This is the last blog post for this sailing trip so I decided I would do a QUIZ!!!! 


What is Tomas’s favourite ice-cream flavour?

What are Tomas’s interests?

Does Rod get sea sick?

How many stripes does the nudie branch have?

What was the Biosecurity dogs name?

What is the Lord Howe Island stick insect called?

What is the name of our boat?

Was the sea urchin happy or angry?


I’m up to $1170 in my turtle rehab campaign so thank you everyone who has donated. I am completing the campaign on the 25/11/18. All those generous donations will be going to sponsor a specific turtle, we’re going to find out which actual turtle that will be soon.

So once again thanks everyone who donated. If anyone would still like to donate here is the link:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll be back on my blog next time I’m on a sailing adventure.

Signing out


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