Down in Tasmania

Hi everyone,

I am restarting the blog so I can share my sailing trip around Tasmania with you. So far my family and I have been in Tassie (Tasmania) for four days. We came down on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry with my friend Josh and lots of stuff to take on the trip. Our boat has been moored in Kettering which is near Hobart. We set out straight away and sailed to a place called Wedge Bay where we stayed the night.IMG_7371 (1)IMG_7405 (1)IMG_7364 The next day we sailed to port Arthur to have a look at the remains of the old penal colony. It was very interesting but also very scary because we found out how the convicts were treated and it was horrible. We found out one story that was particularly shocking. A nine year old boy got seven years transportation for stealing some toys. He was being used by an adult and for each toy he stole he would get two or three pence. He told the judges this but they still transported him. We also found out that there were three levels of cells. If you were on the bottom level you had to wear heavy shackles wherever you went and you couldn’t have a trade. If you were on the second level it was only slightly better, you still had to wear shackles but they were lighter but you you still couldn’t have a trade. If you were on the third level you didn’t have to wear shackles and you could have a trade. The convicts could move up the floors if they behaved well but if they did something really bad they would either got two hundred lashes with the cat of nine tales or be sent to the solitary prison for two years. That two years would then be added on to your time as a convict. The solitary prison was a place were you couldn’t talk. The guards had to wear padded shoes and the floor was covered in rushes to stop any sound. If you talked while you were in there you would be sent to the punishment cell. The punishment cell was a small room completely devoid of any senses, it was pitch black, the floor was covered in rush and if you made any sound you would have to stay in there even longer. Once you got out of the solitary prison you go straight to to the bottom level of the main prison and started all over again.

IMG_7408 (1)IMG_7409 (1)IMG_7422 (1)

Two days ago we sailed from Port Arthur to Hobart and moored the night in the centre of town before we dropped Josh off at the airportIMG_7461 and then yesterday we sailed back down to Kettering which is where we are now. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to start sailing down to the bottom of Tassie and then around to Port Davey.

Talk to you next post


2 thoughts on “Down in Tasmania”

  1. Sorry to hear that the Roaring 40’s have not co-operated with Plan A for circumnavigation, but Tasmania is pretty amazing anytime, anywhere. Looking forward to seeing some drone footage 🙂 …ann


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