Christmas on the boat

We went up to Melaleuca to check out the orange belly parrot research centre. The orange belly parrots are almost extinct but they were amazingly beautiful.



We also went kayaking up a river to an old Huon pine stand. The pines and the forest they were in was beautiful. When we were walking through we got a bit of a fright when I spotted a large black snake in the path. Like the orange belly parrot the bigger and older Huon pines are almost extinct because loggers used to chop them down to make boats.





The reflections were really cool.


Christmas on the boat was pretty funny because for dinner instead of turkey or whatever else you usually have we had dehydrated pulled pork and DEB (dehydrated) potato, but it was still good.



We have now left Port Davey and are back in Recherche Bay. We might be going on a walk so I’ll keep you updated.


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