Mt Misery and Mt Rugby

We left Spain Bay to climb a very miserable mountain. Yeah you got it, Mt Misery.



It wasn’t miserable at all but if it was raining and cold I guess it would be miserable, but then again everything is miserable when it is wet and cold. Mabey it was like that when they named it, or the person who named it was just really miserable. Anyway, we walked up it and it wasn’t miserable and the view was amazing. It was very windy on top but the view made up for it.


IMG_7962 (1)

The next day we went up Mt Rugby. It was huge and it took us nearly 7 hours to complete, but that also might be because we had a sleep at the top for a few hours as well.


When we got to the top it was the best view I have ever seen. You could see for miles and miles.




The reflections were amazing. The picture below looks like it shows an image looking up onto a mountain with the sky above but actually it is a photo looking down on a mountain with a lake below reflecting the sky.



Now we are in Bathurst Harbour and the wind is blowing 40 knots!


One thought on “Mt Misery and Mt Rugby”

  1. Merry Xmas Sebastian and Mum and dad. What an amazing experience. Your Xmas day was no doubt very memorable and I hope next year will be filled with more adventures.
    Leanda 🎄🎅😘


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