Frenchman’s Cap

We went on a walk to Frenchman’s Cap to have a rest from our floating caravan. It was a huge walk but it was so beautiful.


In the three days that we were walking we walked 56 kilometres (17km on the first day, 22km on the second day and 17km on the last day)!


We stayed at Lake Vera and on the second day we walked to the top of Frenchman’s Cap. We saw lots of different types of plants and animals.


The walk to Frenchman’s Cap was just as amazing as the Cap itself. We had to go over a mountain range and it was beautiful but strange because on one side of the mountain it was a light and mossy forest with lots of Huon and King Billy pines and pandani. On the other side of the mountain (25 meters apart or less) it was a dark and gloomy birch forest.


Another really cool thing was that Frenchman’s Cap had snow on it! I know, Snow? In the middle of summer?



The view from the top of Frenchman’s Cap was breathtaking! You could see for miles in every direction. I am totally going to do the walk again.


It is almost the end of the sailing trip (it is the last week) so we will be doing one or two more things and then be going back home.

I’ll keep you updated on the last things we do and I’ll talk to you next post.

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