Fortescue Bay

Fortescue Bay, nearly the end of the trip and we have had one of our last big adventures. We climbed the Moai, a huge rock pillar out on the end of a sea platform.


It was really scary when you were standing on the platform because waves were splashing up on both sides of you.



The climb itself was something else. When you were halfway up if you looked down you could see the water churning right bellow you. It was the scariest climb I have ever done! It was amazing at the top. You were on this pinnacle with three of the four sides surrounded by sea.


It was so out there! It was crazy scary and at the end of it I was trembling but so worth it. This might be the last blog post (there might be one more, who knows what adventures we might have sailing back to Kettering) so signing out for (maybe) the last time. Sebastian

One thought on “Fortescue Bay”

  1. Hi Seb
    Just catching up on all your posts .. Wow .. what an amazing trip!
    You’re so adventurous and brave .. not that you have a choice with your crazy brave parents .. haha!
    The Moai climb looks insane! Can’t believe you did it!

    I remember the walk up Frenchman’s Cap but we did it from the Franklin River side while waiting for the river to subside on our kayaking trip .. amazing views from the top!

    Did you keep the seal tooth as a souvenir necklace? Cool talking point for school!

    Love your blogging skills. Maybe a movie one day?

    See you soon.


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